The Future of 3D Printing in Business

3D printing is already revolutionizing the way we solve problems and create products. For businesses, this new technology provides excellent opportunities for profit and innovation. From its influence on manufacturing to improving the prototyping process and creative opportunities, 3D printing promises a great future for businesses.

Rapid manufacturing

Perhaps 3D printing shines the most when it comes to the manufacturing process. When it comes time to manufacture and deliver a product, 3D printing makes it easy. The CEO and co-founder of Shapeways, a marketplace for 3D printing and manufacturing, has a lot to say about 3D printing’s role in the world. Shapeways has changed the way we deliver products to consumers. Before now, creating multiples of a sculpture involved often-expensive casting procedures and production lines reserved only for those willing to invest lots of money. Businesses don’t have to worry about mass producing their products and instead can provide items one-at-a-time and take greater risks in testing the market. Much in the same way that on-demand book printing has changed the self-publishing market, 3D printing is changing the way businesses can serve customers. From toys and phone covers to art and wearables, 3D printing promises a bright future.


Due to the fact that 3D printing is relatively fast, today’s innovators and makers can quickly create prototypes for clients and rehash design iterations. Architects, product designers and other professionals can spend more time focusing on the actual design, rather than how to physically bring their ideas to life for cheap testing.
Businesses can quicken the design cycle by using 3D printing which ultimately fosters innovation. It is now much more feasible to create and test endless iterations. The world of creativity is unlimited with this technology.


3D printing provides the capacity for businesses to achieve more than has ever been possible. Inconceivable products bound by the realities of modern manufacturing are now being dreamed up worldwide. 3D printing means we can do all kinds of things, like printing chocolate and even creating human organs. With every new idea comes more applications for this versatile technology. Businesses in architecture and housing are using this new technology to manufacture affordable modular homes with considerations for worldwide population growth and climate change. The world’s best minds are using this innovative technology to reduce costs and create social change. Other businesses are sure to capitalize on this emerging technology in order to maximize profits. Its capabilities for creating new products and revolutionizing the design process make this technology a game-changer.

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