The 9 Top Dating Trends of 2017

If you’re trying to attract love in the coming year, it’s important to go with the flow in order to find your special someone. With your happiness front and center, here are the top nine dating trends of 2017.

1. Your Dating Apps Will Change—a Lot
With swipe fatigue setting in, many daters can become frustrated by the sheer volume of potential options with which they are presented. Our prediction is that apps will evolve to better cater to discriminating users who want to date a specific type of person.

2. People Will Get Closer
One of the unfortunate byproducts of dating app culture has been a “hook-up culture” that has been derided by critics. This year, daters will seek quality over quantity.

3. Daters Will Get to IRL Earlier
Another criticism of dating apps has been that many of the users don’t seem to be serious about finding someone. Whether they’re married or “just looking”, these users clog up the apps by communicating but never meeting in person. In 2017, people will move to in-person meetings faster than ever, cutting out time wasters.

4. Men Will Go Back to Picking up the Check
In 2017, in the midst of a political environment viewed as contentious to women, savvy men will want to show their gentlemanly ways in order to win over a woman.

5. Marriage Is Bringing Sexy Back
As a backlash to the casual dating culture of 2016, we will see more daters getting hitched.

6. “Ghosting” and “Benching” Will Recede into the Background
In 2017, there will be a return to politeness and etiquette. Daters will become more honest and emotionally available, communicating their feelings instead of leaving people high and dry. Now that practically everyone has a story about being ghosted, it’s considered bad form—and not in fashion.

7. People Will Be Open about Their Preferences
Those who don’t want to “Netflix and Chill” will say so instead of leaving matters up to interpretation. People who want untraditional romances will also feel more emboldened to state their specific needs.

8. Dressing up for Dates Will Become the Norm
Expect less men to show up in their flip-flops for a date, and take notice as more women go for skirts and dresses on a first outing.

9. There Will Be Apps for Single Parents and Pet Owners
For those who like to cut through all of the questions about others possibly accepting their kids or pets, there will be apps for them to separate the men from the boys—or the women from the girls.

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