How to determine your Edible Tolerance for Cannabis

Foods, treats, and candies infused with cannabis can be an easy and convenient way to dose, but knowing how much to eat can be challenging. Edibles give you an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the harm or hassle of smoking. Numerous reasons exist to give cannabis a try. Studies have shown its medical, physical, and mental benefits, and the Washington Post reports a direct relationship between states with medical marijuana laws and reductions in the use of painkillers and overdoses.

Why Try Edibles

Even with all its benefits, smoking cannabis still carries some of the inherent risks associated with smoking cigarettes. Even if you’ve eliminated tobacco from the wrap, inhaling smoke can damage your breathing and cause scarring in your lungs. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, smoking can cause chronic lung diseases and increase your risk of lung infections. Enter edibles – the perfect solution for dosing with cannabis without any smoking risk. Whether you’re new to edibles or you’ve tried them in the past, we’ve got the tips you need to determine your edible tolerance and get the right dose for you.

Determining Your Tolerance

Before you can determine your personal tolerance, there are some things you should know. Tolerance can vary from person to person, so you will have to determine what works best for you. Also, the amount of active cannabinoids will differ from product to product. Here are our tips for determining your ideal dose:

• Carefully read the label of any edible you’re interested in trying. There should be some information that suggests a serving size or dose as well as information about the cannabinoid content. This should give you an idea of what the company considers a “normal” dose.

• Start small and work your way up. Many sources suggest starting with a dose of 10-15mg of active cannabinoids. Regular users will generally have 30-100mg daily. If you don’t get the response you expected, gradually increase your dose.

• Don’t forget to give it some time. Smoking and vaporizing cannabis allow the active ingredients to enter your bloodstream through your lungs. This process happens pretty quickly. Edibles rely on either oral or digestive systems to get into the bloodstream. This can take a little longer. Many first time users end up eating too much because they expected to feel the effects faster.

• Start someplace safe. When you’re trying edibles for the first time, it is a good idea to do so at home or somewhere you feel comfortable. This way if you experience any discomfort or unexpected effects you’re safe and in comforting surroundings.

Edibles are an excellent way to dose with cannabis. They offer all the benefits without the health risks associated with smoking. Tolerance is unique to each individual. When trying edibles for the first time, you should take steps to determine the best dose for your personal needs. You can do this by carefully reading labels and dosing instructions, starting small, allowing enough time for it to enter your system, and dosing somewhere safe.

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