5 Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before Booking

Choosing a wedding photographer who makes you comfortable is imperative to a good photo shoot and a memorable experience. Finding such a wedding photographer isn’t difficult. By spending the day with potential photographers (after the search has been narrowed down, of course,) and asking a few questions, you can easily choose a wedding photographer sure to capture the spirit of the day so you have beautiful pictures to reflect upon years down the road. Before hiring a wedding photographer, ensure these five questions are asked to get the best in business.

1: What’s Your Photography Style?

Photographers have their own unique styles and that is what makes each one different from the next. When you’re getting married, ensure that you select a wedding photographer whose style matches your personality and wants. Also inquire of the type of photos produced. Some photographers use digital photos, some use film, and others use dramatic or theatrical styles. These are only some of the photography styles your photo here may use to produce quality photos from your big day.

2: What’s Included in a Package?

Wedding photo packages make it easy to get several of your shots for one low price. Various packages may be available from the photographer. If you’re interested in a wedding photo package, ensure that you know what you get before placing an order. Will you get the prints, albums, and negatives?

3: How Many Hours do I Get for the Price? What’s the Overtime Charge?

You should know how many hours of the photographers time is included in the package price before things begin, and the rate for overtime. This ensures that you properly plan enough time with the photographer to cover your wedding and reception and avoid fees in the process. It also alerts you when it is time to cut the photographer lose if time is running out.

4: What’s the Cost?

An initial deposit is required to book a wedding photographer. Most charge 10 to 50% of the total price of the gig, and it’s usually non-refundable. Inquire of the deposit amount and refund terms, the total cost of the job, and when the balance is due. It is best that a contract of payment and agreed upon fees is signed to avoid confusion or hassles later down the road.

5: When is Showing & Photo Pickup?

After you’ve tied the knot, you’re eager to begin life with your partner, but nonetheless eager to view the photos captured of your big day. Wedding photographers offer a showing of the photos before they’re ready for pick-up, since producing these images can sometimes take weeks or months. Inquire of dates for both the wedding photo showing as well as photo pick-up.