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3 Simple Ways to Change the Look of Your Patio

If you have a boring outdoor space, there are simple ways to improve the look of it. Boring concrete or a stagnant layout doesn’t have to define your space any longer. A great patio is vital for outdoor entertaining, and it can increase the value of your home if you’re considering a sale.

Refinish the Surface

The concrete of your patio can be updated and improved using simple stains. It’s often standard in many homes, but you don’t have to live with that forever. Removing the concrete and replacing it with pavers or stone can be expensive, but adding stain or scoring the concrete with designs can be inexpensive.

While scoring the concrete with patterns or designs should be done by professionals, staining the concrete can be a DIY project. Make sure the stain is made for outdoor use though. Adding a stain or finish to the concrete can make them slippery, which is dangerous outdoors.

Add a Pergola and Lighting

When you add a pergola over the top of your patio, you’re creating an outdoor room that feels like an extension of the home. It’ll feel cozy and private while being part of the outdoor space. You can create sectioned areas outdoors with the patio being a cozy conversation area. The rest of the yard can be used for other outdoor activities.

An overhead pergola can change the interplay of light on the space, but you can also add overhead lighting once you have the patio framed with the pergola. It can become more than a conversation area. You could host dinner parties and events in the outdoor space, since it’ll be more like part of the home than just the backyard.

Change the Layout

The changes you make to the patio can be as simple as changing the layout. Part of the layout change might involve adding accessories too. Instead of having chairs scattered around the patio, consider turning the space into a cozy seating area. Group chairs together around a central piece of furniture like a table.

Don’t be afraid to add colorful outdoor pillows to the patio. You could switch out the cushions on some of your patio furniture to create a more colorful and delightful outdoor space.

You don’t have to destroy the patio and rebuild to change it. Small tweaks and changes can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the patio. It’ll become more of a centerpiece of the home instead of an afterthought.