6 Situations that Demonstrate the Utility of a Pocket Knife

It was a given every Christmas. After the Nativity Story, the “peace on earth, good will toward men” was read and the gifts were passed to one and all, someone would invariably get embroiled in a futile battle with unyielding plastic. With the steadiness of a first responder, without fail Daddy would hold out his pocket knife, providing us with the silver bullet that would defeat the packaging monster.

If you’ve never experienced the relief a pocket knife can offer, let me enlighten you to just a few of the many uses you can enjoy through these unsung treasures. Especially since, as Forbes revealed, they are now even allowed on some planes.

1. Electrician’s Helper

When splicing or repairing wires, in the absence of a genuine electrical tool kit, a pocket knife is perfect for peeling back the plastic to expose the bare copper ends needing to be connected. Just make sure not to touch the knife to a live wire, or you’ll never try that again.

2. Makeshift Screwdriver

When you need a flathead screwdriver but aren’t sure where you put it last, just pull out your pocket knife and let it do the job. There’s something profoundly satisfying about making do with what you have, so be prepared to lose all motivation to locate that missing screwdriver.

3. Food Peeler

If you’ve never pulled out your pocket knife to peel an apple and succeeded in not breaking the peel once, you have my pity. It’s just the best way to eat an apple – with the exception of not peeling it at all.

4. Survival Staple

If you had to, you could survive in the wild with only a knife. While a pocket knife isn’t ideal – the joint could break under extreme stress, as when cutting wood – it would offer you a great advantage over the guy lost in the woods with nothing but a cell phone and no service.

5. Emergency Lance

If you had no choice and had to open a wound to remove infection, a pocket knife could save your life. You’d definitely want to hold it under a flame first to sterilize it, however. Once sterile, you could use your pocket knife to remove foreign objects like splinters and fish hooks as well as to lance out infection.

6. Hobbyist’s Companion

From whittling wood to carving lovers’ initials on an old tree, a pocket knife has offered much joy to people throughout the centuries. To become proficient at whittling, all it really takes is a sharpened knife, a healthy dose of patience, and the understanding that every piece you make will be improved upon by the next.

What are your favorite ways to use a pocketknife?

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