4 Efficient Motivation Strategies to Start Doing Sports

It’s not always easy to get up and start doing sports, especially if the latest jogging session you had happened at school. It’s necessary to have a very strong motivation and a lot of self-discipline that can keep you moving even through difficult times.


4 Motivation Techniques

  1. Mental motivation.

Determine a thought that moves you towards doing sports. Some people want to look better owing to a new active lifestyle; others hope to live longer and healthier, or want to impress their secret sweetheart. Find the idea that’s as important for you and concentrate on it. Set realistic goals that are quite easy to achieve. If you want to attend a gym regularly, make it your goal. It’s much better than “I want to lose 50 pounds within a week”. Goals that are easy to reach motivate you to move forth and set new ones. Don’t forget to praise yourself this or that way. Make the appraisal follow each achievement on your way: each lost pound or each new mile you manage to cover. You can also motivate you through something unpleasant: goals that have not been achieved will make you accept a punishment: a call to a relative you hate or a cleaning session in your garage.

  1. Behavioral motivation.

Start eating healthy. You’ll gain a lot of energy that will force you to move on. Purchase a thing you can wear or use only after you achieve certain goals. Replace unhealthy activities with healthy ones. For instance, the advertisements that fill in the breaks between interesting TV shows are a great time to do some exercising. If you’re in a bad mood, replace sitting under a blanket with a bucket of ice-cream with a gym workout. You’ll feel much better after some physical activity than after hours of eating and feeling miserable.mental

  1. Motivation through a routine.

Start doing something right now. If you feel that you have no desire or energy to go doing sports right now, try to stand up and do a dozen of squats or other exercises. They will immediately give you new energy and a desire to keep on. Catch this wave and proceed with working out. Choose an activity that gives you pleasure and satisfaction. Training is not only jogging or lifting weights in a gym. It’s also swimming, dancing, aerobics, and whatever else you like.

  1. Motivation through playing.

Reveal your inner child and his readiness for any interesting trick. Choose a TV show you like most of all and try to predict something that can happen in the next episode. When it happens, stand up from your couch and do a couple of exercises.

mindThe Meaning of Positive Motivation

You need to remember that you’re a beginner. It’s very unlikely that you’ll do everything excellently from the very start. You’ll stumble and fall, make mistakes and fail, but you shouldn’t let any signs of despair show up. You need to be ready to face the truth that everybody makes mistakes and that you’ll win only if you’re ready to accept your mistakes. Praise yourself always, even for the fact that you’ve started doing sports, started a new life.