3 Ways to Make Your Operating Room More Functional

Running an operating room can be stressful. Lives depend on the efficiency of the nurses and doctors in that room and in the machines that they will be using. Because there is always new technology that appears and new tools that you can use to make the operating room more functional, it can be a great idea to do some research on this topic in a regular manner. Below, we have three of the best ways that you can use to make your operating room much more functional.

Block Time

One of the biggest challenges most operating rooms face, especially in large hospitals, is that they do not have a schedule that is viable. This is why it can be so important to block time, helping reduce scheduling errors. Most successful operating rooms use blocks of eight hours for each surgeon, which in many cases can allow up to three procedures. By ensuring that blocks of time are carefully scheduled, the operating room will run much more smoothly, since there will be less issues among surgeons and doctors.

Avoid Equipment Problems

Running into problems with equipment can be easily avoided in an operating room but it does require taking the time to monitor the machines and keep meticulous records. Many times, a particular surgeon prefers to work with one kind of machine, and if someone else is using it or if it is not prepped, this can delay the process, making the operating room less functional. Having carefully made notes on each surgeon’s files as to what equipment they prefer to work with can solve any potential hassle.

Start Times

One of the most pervasive issues that can snowball and cause all manner of problems in an operating room is tardiness when it comes to starting a surgery. Just a few minutes of lateness can throw off the schedule for the day, so having patient records in order and ready to go can be vital in getting things back on track again. Patients should be told to arrive a bit early, as should anesthesiologists and nurses. By maintaining as tight as schedule as possible, the operating room can be much more functional.

These three things can help make any operating room run much more efficiently. Probably the most important thing is to schedule appropriately and to stick to that schedule as much as possible. Running a smooth operating room will benefit your hospital as well as all of your patients.

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