3 Ways To Go Green During Your Commercial Construction Project

Never before in history has there been a more compelling time for business owners to consider going green in their commercial construction projects. The green building market is well over $200 billion, constituting about a fifth of all commercial real estate in the United States. If these trends continue on in their current direction, then green commercial production can be expected to become even more imperative than it already is. The following methods are some of the best ways to go green during your next commercial construction project.

Invest in higher-quality insulation to conserve energy

When it comes to going green, one of the top priorities will undoubtedly be to optimize energy efficiency. The steady increase of heating and cooling costs has made the need to conserve energy even more essential than ever, and with proper insulation, energy efficiently can be much more easily achieved. Insulation can be improved with the use of special tints that serve to trap a greater amount of heat in the colder months. By paying special attention to the sealing of the air ducts, even more energy can be saved.

Consider a dual plumbing system

Conserving water is another high priority in green commercial building. In accordance with federal law, low-flow toilets are necessary; to take things further than that bare minimum, you can make use of water that may not be potable but can still be used for other purposes. With a dual plumbing system, you can have water separated into two different categories: drinking water and reclaimed water.

The reclaimed water is treated to have any waste that made it unfit for drinking removed, and after the waste has been done away with, it can be used for flushing toilets. Water could also be conserved by using rainwater, greywater, or special sink configurations that transfer water from the sink to the toilets for flushing.

Solar panel installation

One of the most common hallmarks of a company that truly cares about green practices is the use of solar panels. It may take slightly more money and effort, but when it comes to energy efficient, it’s nearly unparalleled in its effectiveness. A step up from the standard solar panel is the Photovoltaic (PV), semi-transparent structures that can take the place of windows while serving the same purpose as conventional solar panels.

The current economic and market demand for green business practices is over thirty percent. In addition to being a matter of environmental support, it’s also essential for improving your business’s reputation. Keeping the above suggestions in mind will go a long way towards helping your commercial construction project be as green and energy efficient as possible.

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