3 Innovative Steps for Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

One of the places in your home to get the most privacy is usually the bathroom. An online article from the Chicago Tribune.com states that the average American home has at least two of them. The source also cited real estate statistics regarding the higher margin of sales in homes with more than one bathroom.

Since this room has such an important role in your home, it should be decorated with styles and themes that you love. If you have been considering remodeling your old bathroom, here are some useful hacks to create the one of your dreams:


1. Keep Your Design Simple

Down through the decades, bathroom design trends have been all over the board. In the 1950-1970s, pastel-colored toilets, tubs, and sinks were all the rage. It was a time when small tile was everywhere in the room. The 80’s brought gaudy brass elements and over-the-top wallpaper.

Today’s bathroom designers prefer classic, uncomplicated themes. To keep your design elegant, yet simple, choose a neutral color for your bathroom walls and ceilings. Wallpaper and border are passe. Pair your wall colors with shiny white sinks, tubs, and toilets. For a timeless look, choose neutral stone tile or classic white subway tiles. All of the other accessories should be simple and minimal. Keep your new bathroom clutter-free by providing plenty of storage space for essentials.

2. Turn On The Lights

Are you sick of those brassy-looking Hollywood light fixtures over your sink? Bring your bathroom into modern times with a comforting layered lighting. For classic ambiance, consider putting in a chandelier (no gold tones, please). Install bright light fixtures around your mirror for the perfect reflection. Canned lighting on the ceiling provides tranquil ambiance.

3. Buy The Best Quality Ceramic Ware You Can Afford

Those fiberglass tub/shower combination prices look good on paper, but they may not look so well after a couple of years. Even with the best of care, fiberglass eventually loses its sheen and is difficult to clean. Nothing kills the look of a pretty restroom more than grungy- looking tubs, toilets, and sinks. It is fine if you cannot afford real stone pieces. At best, ceramic hardware is easy to clean and will keep a beautiful shine for years.

Many modern homes opt for a separate shower with a free standing bathtub. They make a striking statement with muted tiles and backsplashes. Choose quality knobs and handles for your vanity and cabinets, such as stainless steel or oiled bronze. Your faucets and drains should be of the same finish.

Now that you have set the stage, add some complementary accessories that will pop against a neutral bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom can add 20% on to the value of your home, states an article from SFGate.com. With some careful planning and purchasing, you can have a relaxing oasis that you will enjoy for years to come.

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